SITM Blog – 12/24/19

Hey y’all. Snowman here. I haven’t been on the air consistently in a while and i have been doing segments and I have a reason. I have been working most mornings at a “real” job since people don’t think I can manage both the show, my play-by-play, and my show – even though I’ve done it for the better part of six years for the show and 24 as a sports announcer. In particular a person thinks I need to grow some balls to face him, but in reality he does not have the balls to face me. No, he’s too chicken sh-t to face the truth which is the fact that I’m still going. I’m still producing shows, I’m still announcing. I’m just doing it in another place while in his face.

Now with that being said, I must make this announcement. There is a possibility of a time change for the show due to my work schedule. I am NOT changing the NAME! SCREW THAT!!! Even if my show goes to the afternoon, which is VERY likely, I’m not changing the name because it’s morning SOMEWHERE!!!!

Also, this is established as a brand. And am keeping it. PERIOD.

But, am hoping to keep it in the morning. For the time being, I will continue to do the show in segments while I get it all together. Stay with me folks! It’s coming together!

And we got a few more surprises in store too! Looking to return January 6th to a five-day a week schedule. And it may reduce back to two hours. I hate doing it, but there are some things I have to correct and get back to myself!

That’s all for now! Merry Christmas!!

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